Health Education

Programme director: Assoc. Prof. Katalin Barabás Dr. habil

Department of Behavior Sciences

H-6722 Szeged, Szentháromság u. 5.

Phone/Fax: +36-62-420-530



Research programmes

A  Culture and health

(a) Conceptions of health in children

(b) Health education in families

(c) Differences of health consciousness


B  Protective factors in health

(a) Protective factors in the Hungarian school-age populations


C  Health education and health development at school

(a) The role of curricula in health education; cross-curricular issues

(b) The role of school environment

(c) The relationship between the health-care systems and school

(d) Development of health consciousness

(e) Application of knowledge acquired at school in health education

(f) Health-related misconceptions


D  Assessing the efficiency of health education

(a) Indicators of the efficiency of health education

(b) Monitoring the efficiency of health education