For Prospective International Students

 Applicants are required to have

  • a Master degree
    This degree must be conferred by the time the offer is made, or the offer is not valid; thus those in the final semester of their master level studies may also apply.
    All master level degrees are accepted
  • a good command of the English language
    At least intermediate, B2 in CEFR – preferably at or above the scores of IELTS 6.5, TOEFL iBT 79 or equivalent, official results from an internationally recognised language exam system. – If English has been the medium of instruction of a degree programme you graduated from, official proof of this is accepted as proof of language proficiency for the admission procedure.
  • commitment to carry out research in Education
Ideal applicants have, in addition to the above,
  • a degree related to Education or Learning Sciences
  • at least basic knowledge of research methods and methodologies in the Social Sciences
  • previous research, published
  • practice/work experience in education (teaching, management, assessment, etc.)
Find information on the Doctoral School of Education (DS) to see if your research interests match ours and to find a prospective supervisor. Visit the following to browse research programs, research topics and to understand the work of our supervisors:

It is important for you to apply to us if we have announced research topics fitting your interests and expertise.

It is advised that you contact a prospective supervisor as well. If you do so, please send your CV and short research plan.

The application process
Hungarian state scholarship
(Stipendium Hungaricum, Diaszpóra Felsőoktatási Ösztöndíjprogram, Christian Young People Scholarship Programs)
 Other financing source
Official information
including documents to upload
Contact prospective supervisor
Obtain the agreement of a prospective supervisor to work with you in the case you are admitted to the DS
(=this is not equivalent to being admitted to the DS)
Submit application
Date announced each year, usually 15 January (SH; deadline may be earlier at Sending Partners), or 31 January (DFP, SCYP) The curriculum is available at (see p. 26. for details).
The programme is altogether 240 credits. If you need to create a study plan, do so based on the following:
courses, min. 50, max. 90 credits;
publications, min. 60, max. 100 credits;
research and related activities, min. 90, max. 120 credits.
ideally 15 April to 15 May (possible from 15 January to 30 June)
see information above, and
see information above
Institutional admission procedure at the DS
March to May
ideally March to May
all eligible applicants are given the admissions interview
Scholarship decision by Hungarian state funder
Offer made by University of Szeged
Visa application process
Starting studies
If you still have questions, contact Edit Katalin Molnár, PhD at