Psychological Aspects of Development and Education

Programme director: Assoc. Prof. Ágnes Szokolszky Dr. Habil

Institute of Psychology

H-6722 Szeged, Egyetem u. 2.

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Research programmes

A  The psychology of adolescence

(a) Coping with stress in adolescence

(b) Planning and decision-making in adolescence

(c) Self-concept and self-evaluation in adolescence


B  Informal, formal and non-formal education and learning

(a) Family socialisation as a determinant of primary socialisation

(b) Environmental psychology: issues of home and school

(c) Situated learning and learning in a mentor–mentee relationship


C  The development and the developmental problems of numeracy skills

(a) The role of numeric representations in learning mathematics

(b) Causes of developmental discalculia

(c) Tests for diagnosing discalculia


D  Developmental processes of visual abilities

(a) Development of the visual perception of shapes and forms

(b) Development of contrast-sensitivity

(c) Studying electrophysiological bases of the development of abilities (EEG, ERG)

(d) The development of the parvocellular and the magnocellular visual pathways


E  Psycho-physiological and electro-physiological analyses of learning and attention

(a) Visual evoked potential parameters in children

(b) EEG gamma activity

(c) Psycho-physiological experiments