Technologies in Education

Programme director: Prof. Dr. Gyöngyvér Molnár, DSc

Institute of Education

H-6722 Szeged, Petőfi sgt. 30-34.

Phone/Fax: 36-62-420-034



Research programmes

A  Modern educational paradigm in ICT

(a) Developing abilities by the means of ICT

(b) Digital competencies

(c) Comparison of traditional and ICT methods

(d) Efficiency of application of ICT in education

(e) Computerised assessment


B  ICT and cross-curricular competencies

(a) E-learning as a means of promoting knowledge-integration

(b) Development of ICT competencies


C  Application of ICT to help students with special needs

(a) ICT in special education

(b) Bridging digital divide; ICT education for low SAS children