Learning and Instruction

Programme director: Prof. Benő Csapó, DSc

Institute of Education

H-6722 Szeged, Petőfi sgt. 30-34.

Phone/Fax: 36-62-420-034

E-mail: csapo@edpsy.u-szeged.hu


Research programmes

(A) Development of cognitive skills and competencies

– Identifying and describing the structure of cognitive skills

– Developmental processes of cognitive skills

– Developing communication skills through teaching content

– Devising training programmes for students with developmental problems


(B) The organization of students' knowledge and indicators of its quality

– Complex problem solving, application, and transfer of knowledge

– The role of inductive and analogical reasoning in acquiring knowledge

– Affective factors of learning, motivational processes, and self-regulated learning


(C) Teaching methods for improving the quality of knowledge (understanding and transferability)

– Problem Based Learning

– Meta-cognition

– Group work and collaborative learning


(D) Teacher training and continuous professional development

– Progressive teacher training methods

– Research-based teacher education

– Teachers’ thinking