Research Department of the MTA Képességkutató longitudinal study carried out under the measurement results presented in the AERA conference, Beno Csapo and Molnar Gyongyver.

Beno Csapo and Gyongyver Molnar (2011): The Infuence on Reasoning Skills on Later School Achievements: Results From the Hungarian Educational Longitudinal Program. AERA 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. April 8 –12. 2011.

Since 2003, the current program for a second term longitudinal measurements of 4 and 8 grade
Since 2003, spring 2011, the current longitudinal program in the second cycle of 4 and 8 grade students testing takes place.
4 grade in the "inductive reasoning" and "numeracy" and "Nature funds" and "Nature conceptual development" test has been included. - The skills measured by tests are not curriculum, so students did not have to be completed to prepare for. The survey, 243 schools, 436 students participated in class 9765. The completed worksheets are being processed.
8 grade end of May to the end of measurement cycle of reading comprehension, mathematical and scientific knowledge will be examined. 203 schools (198 classes, 4,330 students) has agreed to participate in the survey.
The team moved to the National Competency measurement used in the use of identifiers. The collection process identifiers.
Thanks for the heads of the institutions that support our work to a number of other commitments, will allow the measurements to be performed. We thank all colleagues, in addition to the daily tasks involved in recruitment exercises.