Dear Colleague,

the Institute of Education and the Graduate School of Education at the University of Szeged organize the Conference on Educational Assessment for the tenth time.

You are cordially invited to take part in the


and present your new research results and get acquainted with current issues and mainstream research results of educational assessment in Hungary. The conference focuses on educational assessment, a specific research field of education and puts great emphasis on discussion in a close circle of scholars.

The date of the conference: 26–28 April, 2012.
Venue: Szeged Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
            (6720 Szeged, Somogyi u. 7.)

At the conference primarily empirical researche related to educational assessment, innovative educational and assessment methods, assessment programs using educational assessment in public education and in higher education and their adaptation, developmental programs, educational experiments and theoretical presentations related to these fields can be presented.

The languages of the conference are English and Hungarian.

A brief abstract (100-250 words) and a content summary (600-1000 words) shall be submitted electronically by uploading them to the website of the conference in Hungarian or English languages in symposium, thematic or poster categories.

You can find further information on deadlines, registration fees and submission details on our website.

You can contact the organizers at the following email address: Your emails will be answered within 48 hours.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the 10th CEA in Szeged, Hungary.

Szeged, 25 November 2011

Best regards,

Benő Csapó
President of the 10th Conference
on Educational Assessment 2012
Edit Tóth
Secretary of the 10th Conference
on Educational Assessment 2012


Visitors, Participants

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