About Szeged

Short history of Szeged

Szeged is the third most populous town in Hungary. It is situated on the southeastern part of the country, by the firth of the river Tisza and Maros. The town has been mentioned in records since the 12th century, but still it became known after the great flood of 1879. At that time, the river Tisza demanded enormous flood basin because of its deregulation, and on March 12, 1879 the river has destroyed almost all buildings of the town. Many European big cities assisted in rebuilding the town; then the Grand Boulevard named after the assisting cities, and the radial structure of the town was formed. The Art Nouveau, as the dominant architectural style of the era has appeared on all buildings of the town during the rebuilding, thus giving a uniform look to our hometown. We recommend the visitors to make a stroll on a sunny afternoon, which touches the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings of the downtown.


Leisure in Szeged

The sub-mediterranean climated Szeged has deserved to be awarded by the title of Suncity, as the people of Szeged can enjoy the most sunshine hours in the coutry. The warm spring days provide excellent opportunity not only for the inner city walks, but to crawl the trails surrounded by the nature. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Szent-Györgyi Albert, we are now able to make shorter and longer forest walks within the city as well. Departing from the Újszeged side of the Bertalan-bridge, on the floodplain situated Farkas-path we can go on a 90 minutes excursion until the firth of Maros river and back in a pleasant shade given by the rich natural environment.

Szeged is very rich in leisure time activities. Our guests can relax in the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis bath or in the thermal Anna Bath, they can have fun at the Bowling and Skittles Center or at the Experience and Adventure Park of Tisza-bank; and the enthusiasts of culinary can visit the fish restaurant at Roosevelt Square, the Szeged Restaurant or the John Bull Pub. (See contacts at the bottom.)

The flowering of the Tisza

The metaphor of our conference, the mayfly and the „Flowering of the Tisza” is such a wonderful experience, which can be observed solely on the river Tisza and its side braches. We can observe the „wedding dance” of the mayflys once a year, only for a few days. At this time, hundreds of tourists are visiting this landscape, to observe this rare and unique natural phenomenon. You can find a video about the dance of the mayflys here:


Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Szeged: http://www.napfenyfurdoaquapolis.com/hu/fooldal/

Anna Fürdő / Anna Bath: http://www.szegedsport.hu/intezmenyek/anna-furdo

Bowling és Teke Centrum / Bowling and Skittles Center: http://szeged-teke.hu/

Tiszaparti Élmény és Kalandpark / Experience and Adventure Park: http://www.tiszapartielmenyeskalandparkszeged.hu/