Review Process

Depending on the format and type of research report, the proposals will be reviewed by at least two referees of the Scientific Programme Committee according to the following criteria. The reviewers will rate the research reports from 0 to 5 in each cathegory. If there is more than 10 points difference between the ratings, a third reviewer will be asked to rate the research report.The listed points are applicable for the symposium presentations, the thematic papers and the posters as well. The reviewers will rate the organization and internal logic of the symposium as well.

1. The theoretical background of the research
2. Clarity of definition of research questions and hypotheses
3. Research method and design
4. Presentation and interpretation of results
5. Practical, theoretical, educational policy relevance
6. Overall quality, structure and language of submission
7. Relevance to the Conference goals and themes

Change of the presentation’s category
Please note that research reports shall be categorized into a format that is different from that of the proposal by the Scientific Programme Committee, i.e. symposium presentations shall be accepted as thematic papers and thematic papers as posters.