Dear Colleagues,

Due to the present pandemic situation, we are working on the opportunities for everyone to participate in the conference and to join the professional discourses in the safest and most favourable way. As the efficiency of an in-person conference cannot be compared to any online version, we found it important to assure for those who have the opportunity to take part in the 21st Conference on Educational Sciences in person and beside the presentations experience probably the most important professional part of the conference: coffee breaks and corridor conversations. In addition to the usual technical devices, you will find cameras, microphones and other tools that support the efficiency of the hybrid conference in order to not only provide opportunity for online presentations or chairing a section, but also to listen to other presentations, as well as to actively participate in discussions in the lecture room. In the table below we collected the virtual availabilities of the rooms involved in the in-person conference. The Zoom links will be active throughout the whole period of the conference, which means that we assigned links to the rooms and not to the individual sections or lectures.

Both the short and the detailed program contain the exact time and place where a given section will be held physically. In order to join a section those who are interested have to click on the Zoom link of the given room, possibly a few minutes before it starts. During the sections our physically present young assistants will let the virtually waiting colleagues into the Zoom meeting room and they will also allow the presenters to share their slides. We hope to meet many colleagues in person in Szeged, in the city of sunshine. We will also make the links accessible on the closed registration site of the conference.

We look forward to meeting you in Szeged!

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